A Record Number of Prisoners Were Exonerated Last Year


prison fence public domain

A Record Number of Prisoners Were Exonerated Last Year

Joshua Krause
The Daily Sheeple
September 19th, 2015

When you really break it down, the criminal justice system is the linchpin of a functional government. The government may have many different responsibilities, but their ability to catch criminals and punish them is the most important. In fact, if some libertarians are to be believed, if you were to shrink the government down to the smallest possible size, you would be left with nothing but the military, the police, and the courts.

And some countries like Costa Rica and Dominica don’t even have a military. A government with the barest institutions run by a skeleton crew, would essentially consist of nothing more than the courts, the people who were elected to legislate the court’s rules, and the police officers tasked with enforcing those rules. While most people would rather…

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