Don’t let Texas execute another innocent man

Don’t let Texas execute another innocent man

10525655_733792940037287_8368943659509428356_n-aDon’t let Texas execute another innocent man

Rodney Reed faces an execution date next month, writes Lily Hughes of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty [1], in an article for the New Abolitionist [2].

ON HIS first full day in office, newly inaugurated Texas Gov. Greg Abbott oversaw his first execution: Arnold Prieto was put to death by the state of Texas on January 21. Just one week later, Texas went forward with the execution of Robert Ladd, a man with known intellectual disabilities. Another ten executions are scheduled in Texas before June of this year.

Abbott is an enthusiastic supporter of the death penalty, like his predecessors George W. Bush and Rick Perry. During Bush and Perry’s combined 20-year tenure, 431 men and women were killed by lethal injection. This is despite the highly publicized scandals concerning the execution of people who were likely innocent, such as Cameron Todd Willingham [3], Ruben Cantu and Carlos DeLuna [4].

Now, another high-profile case of innocence is making headlines in Texas: that of Rodney Reed, who is scheduled for execution on March 5. A thorough re-examination of the evidence in the case–including a review of medical evidence and witness statements, and extensive DNA testing–is necessary so that Rodney’s innocence can be proven and the true perpetrator of Stacey Stites’ murder can be uncovered. …

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