Ask Arkansas Governor to Bring Innocent Woman Home for the Holidays

300 Exonerations — and Counting…
Innocence ProjectDear Annamaria,On June 12, 1994, Belynda Goff walked out of her bedroom, where she had been sleeping with her three-year old son, to find her husband, Stephen, lying unconscious just inside the doorway of their apartment. She immediately called to request emergency medical assistance. The paramedics arrived ten minutes later. Despite the quick response by both Belynda and the paramedics, they were unable to find a pulse.An autopsy revealed that Stephen’s cause of death was blunt force trauma to his head.  This is a fact. When it comes to Stephen’s death, very few other facts have been conclusively established. No murder weapon has been found, no witness could identify Stephen’s killer, and no physical evidence has linked anyone, much less Belynda, to the murder. Yet Belynda Goff has languished in prison for two decades for a murder she has always maintained she did not commit. We are currently conducting DNA testing that could prove Belynda’s innocence, but crucial evidence in her case has been lost, so testing may never be able to provide the results we need.Urge Arkansas Governor Beebe to have his appointed parole board vet Belynda’s clemency petition and grant it!

Multiple witnesses have come forward to say that Stephen’s murder was the result of his involvement in an arson scheme and that Belynda had no involvement in his death.  We believe testing on all of the crime scene evidence could have conclusively proven Belynda had no involvement, but with crucial evidence going missing, we may never be able to fully vindicate Belynda through DNA testing alone.  An order of clemency from Governor Beebe may be Belynda’s only chance at justice.

I ask you to join me in calling on Governor Beebe to grant our clemency request for Belynda Goff and release her from prison. Let’s make sure Belynda gets to spend the holidays with her family this year.


Karen Thompson
Staff Attorney


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