David McCallum: Did DNA evidence contribute to the exoneration?: Yes*


David McCallum (pic) & Willie Stuckey falsely confessed to murder @ 16. Exonerated yesterday:



David McCallum

On October 20, 1985, 20-year-old Nathan Blenner was forced into his car and abducted in Queens, New York. The following day, Blenner’s body was found in Aberdeen Park in Brooklyn with a single gunshot wound in the head. His car was found on October 22 when a security guard reported that a group of youths set it ablaze on Fulton Street in Brooklyn.
Police canvassed Blenner’s neighborhood and found a woman who said that about an hour before the crime, she was washing her car on the street about a block from Blenner’s residence. She told police that two black men walked by and one said she had a nice car. She replied that if her car were stolen, she would “know where to look.” The woman said the men were in their 20s and one had braided hair. One was 5 feet 10 inches tall and the other was 5 feet 6 inches tall.
The woman went through several police books of mugshots of robbery arrestees, but she did not identify anyone. …

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