Harm to Prison Workers



Harm to Prison Workers

The death penalty takes a heavy toll on those directly involved in executions— prison wardens, chaplains, executioners, and corrections officers.

Many of those involved in executions have reported suffering PTSD-like symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares and other forms of distress. These symptoms are reported by multiple witnesses such as journalists, executioners, and wardens alike.

Former Florida Warden Speaks Out Against the Death Penalty:

http://youtu.be/lhLqyQZqyfY via @YouTube

“At night I would awaken to visions of executed inmates sitting on the edge of my bed,”

–Ron McAndrew, Retired Warden, Florida State Prison

Dr. Allen Ault“If you care about human life, it isn’t just the fetus you care about. You care about all human life. [An execution] is the most premeditated murder you have ever seen. A lot of people were complicit in [the execution]—the governor, the parole boards, the courts. But they call on a very few…

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