What a great joy! Bill Ferguson`s son came home! Welcome back in life Ryan!

Children in Prison WHY THEY ARE THERE?



After almost ten years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, my son Ryan is free.

Thank you. Annamaria —

Ten years is a long time to lose your son.

But I never gave up hope.

And now my boy is finally home.

My son Ryan was convicted in 2005 of a murder he never committed and had nothing to do with.

He was convicted solely based on the testimony of two “witnesses” who later wrote affidavits that they lied at trial. There was absolutely no evidence tying my son to the crime, and yet he was in prison for almost ten years. But after more than 266,000 people — including you — signed a petition

I started on Change.org, the Western District Court of Appeals voted unanimously to vacate Ryan’s conviction. Even better, Missouri’s attorney general has freed Ryan and guaranteed that he will not be retried…

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