a man with a broken heart claims his innocence – since over twenty years

English: Guernsey County Courthouse in Cambrid...

Guernsey County Courthouse Cambridge Ohio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guernsey County Courthouse Cambridge Ohio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


October, 2011 / January, 2013

My name’s Donald Glenn. I’m an elderly prisoner now. I’m being illegally and wrongly imprisoned in the State of Ohio, USA. I need your help and support, to correct this injustice and seek my release from this false imprisonment. In 1984 I was steadily employed with the Anchor Hocking/ Pheonix Glass Company. I was married. I lived in East Liverpool, Ohio. I was buying and renovating property. I was, and am, a friendly, honest, good-natured person. I was a law-abiding, productive, and responsible tax-paying citizen. All of this changed in May 1984 (These and other true facts were deliberately ignored, and covered-up at my trial by court officers and others) … read more

Mr. Donald Glenn’s updated contact information is as follows:

Donald M. Glenn #187675
P.O. Box 120 WCI
Lebanon, Ohio 45036


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9 responses to “a man with a broken heart claims his innocence – since over twenty years

      • Hi, Jason Lawrence Glenn,
        a Little late, but now I am here:
        Donald M. Glenn asked for a sign from you, he wrote, you are the only relative he had
        could you be so Kind to contact him – he is waiting for you!
        thank you so much!

  1. This man deserves to rot and die in prison. He murdered a man in cold blood, a man who was a hero in the community. I grew up with J. Dragosin’s daughter. I watched her everyday yearn for her father that she never had a chance to know. She was two years old when her father was murdered. Her mother was left a widow and never remarried because she lost the love of her life do to this murderers intentional shooting. This little girl will never have her father to walk her down the aisle. A father, a husband and a hero in our community was taken from us do to this mans intentional actions. “Sane” or not, he deserves to suffer every second of his miserable life.

    • You have every right to be upset, but the facts of the matter are that the evidence clearly shows that my uncles rights were violated. He was found to be insane at the time of the murder. We cannot twist the legal system because we let our feelings get involved, that is why the system is in place. It is supposed to be a fair and impartial justice system that is based on prevailing facts. FACTS, not how you may feel about it. Instead, we find many people that remain in the local area that can continuously deny my uncle the rights that were guaranteed to him upon the creation of this country.There are many people working to right this wrong, so you will eventually find my uncle released from prison due to multiple errors made by this court.

      • iN that Report I wanted to Focus the joy of a man who was decades in prison –
        even as innocent Person. I am not a lawyer or judge. I do not critizise a court or those decisions they made there. I am hoping that some persons, reading my here reported stories, would find hope for their own cases where they witness their innocence.
        Please, what can I do for You now? Be Patient to explain it againl
        Thank You

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