DNA Evidence proves Joseph Buffey´s Innocence

Seal of Harrison County, West Virginia

Seal of Harrison County, West Virginia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DNA Evidence Proves Joseph Buffey’s Innocence, Identifies True PerpetratorJoseph Buffey

Innocence Project attorneys asked a Circuit Court Judge in Harrison County, West Virginia, to reverse the rape conviction of Joseph Buffey and release him on bond based on DNA evidence pointing to the real perpetrator. The court stopped short of releasing Buffey, but adjourned the case for a full hearing in March.

Buffey was arrested for the 2001 rape and robbery of an 83-year-old woman. Based on the advice of his lawyer who told him he risked a sentence of 200 to 300 years in prison if he went to trial, he took a plea that he soon regretted, but unfortunately it was too late. He eventually sought the help of the Innocence Project, which was able to secure DNA testing in May 2011 that excluded Buffey as the perpetrator. Even though the victim made it clear to the police that only one man committed the robbery and rape, the Harris County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has refused to acknowledge that the testing proves Buffey’s innocence and fought efforts by the Innocence Project to run the profile in the federal DNA database to see if it matched a convicted offender. After 18 months of needless delay, the Innocence Project was finally able run the profile through the database, which identified another man with multiple felony criminal convictions, including breaking into a residence and robbing and assaulting a woman.

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