Framed Twice: Norman Allen

Framed Twice:
Norman Allen  in New York

 By Arlene Johnson
People easily recognize the name Attica Prison in New York state. Norman Allen was there not because he was guilty but because of his ethnicity. For Norman Allen is an African American.

Here’s the description of the atrocities he underwent while at Attica Prison. “They were hosing us down in our cells with the fire hose in the winter freezing outside and then opening all the windows so we could die. They were jumping on us everyday 10-15 of the 250 pound Hillbilly Rednecks six feet with sticks busting our heads open. They were hanging brothers in their cells just outright murdering us.

This is not what somebody told me; this is what I witnessed okay. I was there in it. They stole our property, ripped up our personal family pictures; I’m talking about some real torture and terrorism here. They murdered some good comrades of mine inside these prisons. …Read more there, please


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