Ringling Brother’s CircusMurders

Paul Allen Fisher, #080696/H31014, a man who cares more about human beings who have been murdered than he cares about himself declares,

Enclosed please find Sworn Deposition Pages, Letters, etc. that could point to the worst serial killers in modern history.
They are proof that the police did find:
3 bodies in NYC in 1980 in a 6 week period
5 bodies in Denver in 1999 in a 6 week period and
3 bodies in Denver in 1996 in a 6 week period for a total of
11 bodies Found In 18 weeks

These Deposition pages also speak of other bodies in other places and rumors of still more all found dead lying by the Ringling Brothers train!

If these murders have occurred for 25 years (1,300 weeks) as the Depositions prove, the math could point to a traveling graveyard the likes of which…

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