Please, let him go home: Wesley Porter, claiming to be innocent

It’s 2 years, 5 months, and 23 days since Wesley was wrongly convicted of murder based on a phone call lasting just a few seconds as part of a joint enterprise he knew nothing about.

On the 10th March 2010 my son Wesley Porter, was wrongly convicted and sentenced to a 27 year tariff for a crime that he did not commit. Wesley was convicted of a murder that was said to be a gang related incident (a joint enterprise), yet he has never been part of any gang.

Wesley has always been a likeable lad; Wesley loved cars as most young lads do. When he saw a car for sale in the local area he enquired about the car and found out the owners were local lads who he knew. So he arranged to take the car for a test drive, as he wished to check that the car was mechanically sound.

Wesley being Wesley insured himself for 24 hours to ensure there wouldn’t be any problems while test driving the vehicle, unfortunately the vehicle was not what he was looking for. A week later the vehicle had been used in a drive by shooting which resulted in a murder enquiry!

A number of people were arrested and questioned. Wesley being the last person to insure the vehicle was also questioned. He cooperated with police as much as he could, then was let go and told he may be needed in the future to help with enquiries. Two weeks later he was arrested on suspicion of murder, he was then given bail appointments which he always attended.

Later three men were charged with murder. The owner of the vehicle Wesley had test driven, his brother and the third man who had previously served a lengthy prison sentence for fire arms offences. The third mans partner SJ was also arrested and charged with aiding her partner in the disposal of vital evidence in association with the case.

On the night of the murder, Wesley had received a couple of phone calls from the lad who had owned the vehicle, which Wesley never answered. Minutes before the shooting Wesley answered his phone, it was this call which led to the allegation that Wesley had provided the murder weapon which Wesley strongly denied.

Wesley continued to answer bail for a full twelve months then suddenly, as if by magic, the police revealed they had found a glove containing Wesley’s DNA. It was alleged to have been found at the home of the brothers. This then resulted in Wesley being charged with murder and remanded into custody were he was to be held for five months and that he would stand trial together with his three other co accused in what we now know to be a JOINT ENTERPRISE CASE. At the time we didn’t understand joint enterprise or even have it explained to us.

Wesley met his legal team all together for 1st time on the opening day of the trial; the trial proceeded with Wesley barley mentioned in what was to be a lengthy four month trial.

We know Wesley is innocent.

We know he should not be were he is now.

It is time everybody else knows that Wesley is innocent!

With the help from Innocent we hope to succeed in bringing our sons and daughters home who have been “WRONGLY CONVICTED” & changing the system to afford real justice to victims by suitably punishing the guilty rather than simply convicting the nearest available individual


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