August 2012 297 EXONERATED

Tomorrow, David Lee Wiggins, a 48 year-old man who has served 23 years in prison, is scheduled to walk out of a Texas courtroom based on new DNA evidence proving his innocence. David was convicted of rape and sentenced to life in prison, based largely on the mistaken identification of the 14-year-old victim.

The Innocence Project filed a motion for post-conviction DNA testing in David’s case in 2007, but earlier rounds of testing were inconclusive. At our urging, more sophisticated testing was done on the victim’s clothing earlier this month, and the results have definitively excluded David as a donor.

Tarrant County District Attorney Joe Shannon has been cooperative with our efforts to obtain post-conviction DNA testing for David. In a press release issued Monday, Mr. Shannon said, “We will continue to cooperate with legitimate requests for post-conviction testing. The job of this office…

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