from Locke Bowman

please, read the whole article there!

The City’s top lawyer, Chicago Corporation Counsel Steve Patton, sounded giddy after the Chicago Police failed to riot in opposition to NATO protesters last month. Talking within earshot of a group of civil rights attorneys in the federal courthouse the day after the diplomats left town, Patton announced that the City’s Police Department had finally overcome the dark reputation it earned during the televised brutality of the 1968 Democratic National Convention. “We really put that behind us,” he said. Patton was firmly on message. The media largely bought in to the proposition that the Police performance during the NATO meeting had “erased the stain of 1968.” It was a less-than-perfect performance, certainly. Writing for Reuters, Andrew Stern described a line of cops advancing on protesters: “As the police line advanced, batons swinging, protesters at the edge of the crowd suffered head wounds and others lost teeth and absorbed body blows, but no one was killed.” (No one was killed? Good to hear.) Police Superintendent Gerry McCarthy, whose media star has certainly ascended, was on the front lines himself, where he was seen conspicuously shouting commands, fist bumping with his troops and coming to the aid of an officer who had been knocked down by a protester.

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