Wish Exonerees James Bain and Alan Newton a Happy Father’s Day

DNA Evidence Frees Man Convicted Of Bronx Rape...

DNA Evidence Frees Man Convicted Of Bronx Rape 21 Years Ago: Alan Newton is my Hero (Photo credit: Tricia Wang 王圣捷)

We Wish Exonerees James Bain and Alan Newton a Happy Father’s Day!

June 16, 2012 292 EXONERATED
Innocence Project staff members with Alan Newton’s son Eli.

Dear Annamaria,

We’d like to send our very special wishes to James Bain and Alan Newton who will be celebrating their first Father’s Day as new dads. James is the proud father of son James Junior and Alan of son Eli.

Join us in wishing James and Alan a Happy Father’s Day by sending your own message via our action center. 

After spending 35 years in prison for a 1974 rape and murder that DNA evidence later showed he didn’t commit, James became a dad for the first time at the age of 57. A high school student at the time of his arrest, James didn’t let his wrongful conviction stop him from having the family he had dreamed of.

Alan Newton has also been busy rebuilding his life since his exoneration. After his release in 2006, he quickly enrolled in college and graduated from Medgar Evers College with a degree in business administration. He later went to work at the City University of New York‘s Black Male Initiative, a program that focuses on recruiting, retaining and assisting black men in college. His new son Eli will celebrate his first birthday in November.

Help make this a special Father’s Day for James and Alan by sending your own message via our action center.

We’re glad that Alan & James have been able to begin their families this year, even after the injustice of a wrongful conviction. We wish them, and all our exoneree fathers, our clients still in prison who are fathers, and the fathers of the exonerated, a very happy Father’s Day!

Yours in justice,

Maddy deLone

The Innocence Project

5 responses to “Wish Exonerees James Bain and Alan Newton a Happy Father’s Day

  1. One of my greatest wishes is to see a national set of standards that determine a minimum award given to wrongfully incarcerated individuals, something which gives them a leg up on their newfound freedom. No nation, particularly our own, should be allowed to get off scot free for imprisoning an innocent person.

    • Hi, Jeffery
      thank You for comment!
      Please, take a look unto my other blogs, You´ll see, that there are more
      articles about this theme.
      We are many wishing & working to end wrongfully incarceration.
      Each of us can make a step into this direction!
      Twittering, e-mailing, writing poems or essays etc.
      Let´s stay in touch:

    • Hallo, Jeffery,
      Your wish is correct and very accepted!
      As I experienced this theme “innocent in prison”
      is handled with great silence in the public.
      Behind bars = behind walls – officials don´t
      love that we are speaking about and bring
      a little light behind the walls!
      And give informations about horrible facts often
      happening there!
      please, read my other blogs, too

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