Tim Masters: Almost from the Moment He Was Released From Prison, Tim Pasters Started Writing

CO Fort Collins 1865

COLORADO-NEAR FORT COLLINS – NARA – 543712 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Tim Masters book
details life hounded
by Fort Collins
Almost from the moment he was released
from prison, Tim Masters started writing.He’d always written stories as a kid
growing up in Fort Collins, stories about
children running the world “Lord of the
Flies” style, stories about killing and
hurting. Stories about fighting off enemies
and using knives.This time was different.

He’d served almost 10 years in prison for
a murder he didn’t commit. He was filled
with tales of how police and prosecutors
bungled the case against him, how a jury
convicted him on courtroom testimony that
was at best misleading and at times
downright wrong.

He wanted people to know about his time
in state prisons and county jails, about the
lousy food and the support his family
provided. He wanted to explain what it was
like to trade 10 years for a $10 million
payout from Fort Collins and Larimer

But mostly he wanted people to know what
it was like to wake up in prison every day
for a crime he didn’t commit.

The result is “Drawn to Injustice,” a 436-
page book that recaps Masters’ life starting
on Feb. 11, 1987, the day Peggy Hettrick’s
stabbed, mutilated body was found in a
Fort Collins field near the home Masters
shared with his dad. Masters, then 15,
found Hettrick’s body on his way to catch
the school bus.Masters said writing the book was a form
of therapy for him, and he hopes that
people who read it better understand the
power that police and prosecutors wield,
and the importance of jurors being given
all the information in a case.“I think the system needs fixing,” Masters
said in an interview on Thursday. “I got
lucky in that I had a whole village of people
coming together to help me.”

Now available, the book co-written by
Masters details his Navy career, the deaths
of his parents, his struggles with alcohol
and how his life irrevocably changed Aug.
19, 1998, when Fort Collins police arrested
him at his California home.


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