3rd Annual European Prisoners’ Week

Posted on May 9, 2012


Welcome to the 3rd annual European Prisoners’ Children Week campaign site.

We are the European Network for Children with Imprisoned Parents (EUROCHIPS).  It is our intention to spread international awareness about this vulnerable group of children and their specific set of challenges.

One out of every 100 children in the EU has a parent in prison.

They frequently confront stigma and social isolation and can experience developmental difficulties as a result of being separated from their parents.

To many outsiders, a child with a parent in prison is associated with the parent’s crime.

The punishment for the crime in this situation is often transferred to the child, as they suffer in silence at school and at home, or during time spent waiting in prison visiting centres.

Please, take the time to help us help them.

We aim to gather 5,000 signatures on our e-petition this year (it’s a big goal, but we’re willing to take it on with your help) to ensure that the European Parliament recognize the importance of maintaining the rights of these children.

By signing our petition you are joining us in contacting Italian Member of Parliament, Roberta Angelilli in her role as head of the European Parliament’s Alliance for Children.

The Alliance for Children is an informal, dynamic, cross-party and cross-committee group of Members of European Parliament joined together to enhance coordination and consistency of their work across the Parliament on children’s issues.

Each of the members within the Alliance recognizes that the lives of children are multi-dimensional.  Their rights and needs vary from one situation to another, and as a result, the Alliance seeks to create unified approaches and methods on their work with children throughout the Parliament to ensure the interest of the child remains in focus throughout various policy-related decisions.

The Alliance for Children receives advisory support from UNICEF and the Children’s Rights Action Group (CRAG).

Signing the petition helps us ensure that children with imprisoned parents gain a role in the conversation surrounding international children’s rights within European Parliament – ideally leading towards policy-reform initiatives and national watchdog agencies focused on gathering data and monitoring support services for this vulnerable group.

The campaign week is 1-8 June 2012.  We are running the petition through the end of June.

Thank you for taking the time to sign and share our cause.
With your help, we can ensure their rights are recognized in all arenas of the European judicial process.

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