Innocence Project Continues fight to Free George Allen

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St. Louis on the Mississippi river by night. Jefferson National Expansion Memorial aka. Gateway Arch and Old Courthouse are visible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Innocence Project Continues Fight to Free George Allen
Thirty years after being convicted of rape and murder and sixteen years after the Innocence Project took his case, George Allen’s ordeal may soon be over. In May, lawyers from the Innocence Project and the law firm of Bryan Cave asked a Missouri judge to vacate George Allen’s 1982 conviction for the rape and murder of a St. Louis court reporter based on overwhelming evidence of innocence.

Police arrested Allen by accident believing him to be a suspect. After discovering their mistake, they decided to interrogate him anyway. During the interrogation, Allen, who is schizophrenic, told police that he was inebriated. A recording of the interrogation also reveals police guiding Allen about how to answer questions so that they fit the facts of the crime. One of the interrogating officers recently admitted that the confession was “iffy.”

In its original petition seeking to vacate Allen’s conviction, attorneys presented new DNA testing and previously undisclosed serology evidence excluding Allen. More recently, lawyers uncovered undisclosed evidence that fingerprints recovered at the crime scene also excluded Allen. In spite of the evidence supporting Allen’s innocence and establishing misconduct, the Missouri Attorney General’s office is defending Allen’s conviction. The judge has asked the parties to submit a joint statement of uncontested facts in anticipation of issuing a ruling.

Read more about George Allen’s case.



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