Dispatches From the War on Women: Prisoners have Rights Too –

Dispatches From The War On Women:

 Prisoners Have Rights Too by Jessica Pieklo May 28, 2012 11:55 pm 1 |

 Welcome to Dispatches, your round-up of the latest news from the frontlines of the War on Women. Have a story from your state or an idea on how to push back? Share them here and fight back against the War on Women. Rape and sexual abuse is rampant in women’s prisons, but this recent report and complaint to the Department of Justice fills in some of the horrific detail for us.

The Equal Justice Initiative launched an investigation and ultimately filed a complaint on behalf of dozens of women prisoners at the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women in Alabama who were raped, abused and harassed by male prison guards.

 Try this as an antidote for that last story–a Care2 success! Thanks to the initiative and action of all of you, public schools in Jackson, Mississippi will no longer be able to handcuff students to poles for noncriminal offenses. That’s certainly better than the story of this honors student who was jailed for missing school. Mitt Romney unveiled some of his education policy initiatives and not surprisingly, they’re all a bunch of proven failures. Just what our communities do not need. The Guttmacher Institute released another study that shows the widespread benefits publicly-funded family planning clinics and services provide. Now if only we could stop Republican assaults on funding. According to reports we may be one step closer to developing male contraception. If and when that happens we can expect the contraception debate to morph rather than just go away because for conservatives attacking contraception isn’t about religious liberty, it’s about punishing women who have sex.

Dr. Willie J. Parker is a Christian OBGYN from Birmingham, Alabama who talks openly about being one of those rare doctors who provide abortions at 24 weeks of pregnancy and how that service is not a violation of his faith. He’s a brave man, and this is one of the clearest articulations of why abortion needs to be widely available. Apparently the United States is exporting its gruesome and confrontational abortion protests to the UK. So sorry. Lastly, here’s a thoughtful take on the Mommy Wars redux from the New York Times that tackles attachment parenting, on-demand breast feeding, and the supposed debate about whether these things are feminist. Even better, it shifts the framing to what we should be talking about: the economic impact these regressive Republican policies have on women and families.

 Thanks for checking back and don’t forget to send in your stories, suggestions and comments. We’ll be back each weekday with the latest in the best and the worst from the War on Women. So long as the battle rages, we’ll cover the latest, so please check back!

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 Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/dispatches-from-the-war-on-women-prisoners-have-rights-too.html#ixzz1wFUK5E1L


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