UPDATE:  Another illusion of fair justice when the foursome, widow, Darlene Zachry a/k/a/ Zachery, her sister, Annetta Frackman, two friends Lisa and William “Bill” Werneke were given another “extension”.  Reason:  Darlene’s attorney was a no-show. 

 Whatever happened to contempt of court charges for attorney’s who do not comply with court schedules?

This year-long fiasco has made a mockery of justice.

Today is one year since the arrest warrants were sent out for the foursome.  Will it be another year, two years, how long does it take for the judge to say, “ENOUGH” WE ARE PROCEEDING – WITH OR WITHOUT YOUR ATTORNEY!

Monday, April 23, 2012, four years, seven months after his death and as much time since his widow Darlene M. Zachry a/k/a/Zachery filed a forged will in Montgomery County Pennsylvania.The widow Zachry enlisted the aid of her sister, Annetta Frackman, and close friends Lisa and William Werneke in her scheme…

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