After Watching these Videos You´ll never be the Same  Part 1     Part 2  Full Documentation

 The groundbreaking HBO documentary Child of Rage years ago showed how horrific abuse and neglect could leave a child unable to bond with other people, turning them into children “without conscience, who can hurt or even kill without remorse.” In other words: the child becomes a psychopath.
But what about the kids who aren’t abused? What about the ones who, for no discernible reason, do horrible things to other people?

“I’ve always said that Michael will grow up to be either a Nobel Prize winner or a serial killer,” his mother, Anne, tells Jennifer Kahn in a recent shocking New York Times Magazine article. At age 9, her son has an extreme temper, lashing out violently and deliberately and showing no empathy or remorse. He’s intelligent, cold, calculating, and explosive. “It takes a toll,” she says, explaining her comment. “There’s not a lot of joy and happiness in raising Michael.” (Photo & the whole article:

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