Supreme Court won’t hear appeal against Romeo Phillion wrongful conviction suit

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OTTAWA – The Supreme Court of Canada has cleared the way for a wrongfully convicted man to sue police and the Crown over his three decades of imprisonment.

The court has refused to hear an appeal that was seeking to block Romeo Phillion’s multimillion-dollar lawsuit for negligence and prosecutorial wrongdoing.

Phillion’s suit was originally barred by a lower court, but was reinstated by the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Now in his mid-70s, Phillion was convicted of second-degree murder in 1972 in the death of Ottawa firefighter Leopold Roy based on a confession he recanted almost immediately.

The federal government ultimately referred the case to the Ontario Court of Appeal, which quashed his conviction and ordered a new trial in 2009.

The Crown then withdrew the charge, arguing too much time had passed.

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by Rachel Wolkenstein, attorney for Corey Walker, February 2, 2015
For over two years I have been an advocate and supporter of the Campaign to Free Lorenzo Johnson. Beginning in September 2014 I began representing co-defendant Corey Walker in his appeal to overturn his conviction on grounds of actual innocence, police and prosecutorial misconduct and ineffective assistance of counsel. Less than two months later, the PA Attorney General asked the judge in the case to vacate my admission to practice pro hac vice as Corey Walker’s lawyer. Both the post- conviction appeal proceeding and the AG’s motion to remove me from the case are pending.
This is an introduction to the case of Corey Walker who was framed for a December 1995 Harrisburg PA murder. The case…

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Don’t let Texas execute another innocent man

Don’t let Texas execute another innocent man

10525655_733792940037287_8368943659509428356_n-aDon’t let Texas execute another innocent man

Rodney Reed faces an execution date next month, writes Lily Hughes of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty [1], in an article for the New Abolitionist [2].

ON HIS first full day in office, newly inaugurated Texas Gov. Greg Abbott oversaw his first execution: Arnold Prieto was put to death by the state of Texas on January 21. Just one week later, Texas went forward with the execution of Robert Ladd, a man with known intellectual disabilities. Another ten executions are scheduled in Texas before June of this year.

Abbott is an enthusiastic supporter of the death penalty, like his predecessors George W. Bush and Rick Perry. During Bush and Perry’s combined 20-year tenure, 431 men and women were killed by lethal injection. This is despite the highly publicized scandals concerning the execution of people who were likely innocent, such as Cameron Todd Willingham [3], Ruben Cantu and Carlos DeLuna [4].

Now, another high-profile case of innocence is making headlines in Texas: that of Rodney Reed, who is scheduled for execution on March 5. A thorough re-examination of the evidence in the case–including a review of medical evidence and witness statements, and extensive DNA testing–is necessary so that Rodney’s innocence can be proven and the true perpetrator of Stacey Stites’ murder can be uncovered. …

Joseph Sledge freed after 37 years in prison

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Mr. Joseph Sledge Freed After 37 Years In Prison For Double Murder He Did Not Commit.

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Joseph Sledge freed after 37 years in prison

— A man who spent nearly four decades behind bars was freed from prison Friday after a three-judge panel found him innocent in the 1976 stabbing deaths of a Bladen County mother and her adult daughter.

Last month, the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commissionrecommended the case of Joseph Sledge for judicial review after newly discovered evidence cast doubt on whether he had anything to do with the killings of Josephine Davis, 74, and Ailene Davis, 53, in their Elizabethtown home.

About an hour after the judges’ ruling – and after 37 years in prison – Sledge, 70, walked out of the Columbus County jail in Whiteville into the arms of family.

“I just…

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Man wrongly convicted of murder freed after nearly 40 years in prison

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WHITEVILLE, N.C. (AP) — A 70-year-old man wrongly convicted of the 1976 stabbing deaths of a mother and daughter walked out of prison Friday, saying he was looking forward to sleeping in a real bed and maybe swimming in a pool.

After serving nearly four decades behind bars, Joseph Sledge was found innocent by a three-judge panel who heard testimony from a DNA expert. The expert said none of the evidence collected in the case — hair, DNA and fingerprints — belonged to Sledge. A key jailhouse informant had also recanted his story, saying authorities promised him leniency in his own case for his trial testimony against Sledge.

A district attorney who was not originally involved apologized to Sledge and promised to reopen the investigation.

“The system has made a mistake,” district attorney Jon David said.

After the judges’ decision was announced, Sledge was still for a moment, then hugged…

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