Four Lesbians Were Wrongly Convicted of Child Abuse. Why Haven’t They Been Exonerated? — Wrongful Convictions Blog

Originally published on By June Thomas On the night of Saturday, Oct. 15, every LGBTQ person and ally—and anyone who wants to see unequivocal proof of how messed up the American criminal justice system is—should plant themselves in front of a TV set and watch Southwest of Salem. The documentary, which airs on Investigation […]

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Cold hearted Mike Pence refuses to pardon a ((black)) man wrongly convicted and proven innocent

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Elliot Slosar

In August 2016, BuzzFeed News reported about Cooper’s wrongful conviction of the 1996 robbery where one man was shot.

Twelve years after the incident, in 2008, shooting victim Michael Kershner and his mother, Nona Canell, gave videotaped statements claiming that they misidentified Cooper.

They said that they believed based on the new evidence that the person whose DNA was found on the hat was the …

The Fifth Column

Mike Pence (Flickr/House GOP)

Mike Pence (Flickr/House GOP)


In a growing list of heartless Mike Pence actions, the Indiana governor has now denied a pardon for a man wrongly convicted and now proven innocent.

A BuzzFeed report, details the sad history of Keith Cooper, who served 10 years of a 40-year sentence after being misidentified. In 2008 shooting victim Michael Kershner and his mother, Nona Canell filmed statements and admitted they were wrong. This came after new DNA evidence was found and a jail informant admitted he lied. Canell asked investigators multiple times to see a lineup of potential suspects because she couldn’t be sure. An Elkhart Police detective promised her that they had “the right guy.” They didn’t.

When the new evidence came to light, a judge in the case offered Cooper a deal if he agreed to be resentenced for the crime. By accepting the deal he was…

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Man awarded $15M in wrongful conviction settlement — WGN-TV

CHICAGO HEIGHTS, Ill. — The city of Chicago Heights agreed Wednesday to one of the largest wrongful conviction settlements in the state. 51-year-old Rodell Sanders was awarded 15 million dollars in exchange for spending more than 20 years in prison. He was wrongfully convicted of a 1993 murder. Sanders says he was framed by officers…

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Inventor of Antivirus Sofware: “Encryption Doesn’t Matter In a World Where Anyone Can Plant Software On Your Phone and See What You’re Seeing”

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Spy Agencies Are Intentionally Destroying Digital Security

Top computer and internet experts say that NSA spying breaks the functionality of our computers and of the Internet. It reduces functionality and reduces security by – for example – creating backdoors that malicious hackers can get through.

Remember, American and British spy agencies have intentionally weakened security for many decades. And it’s getting worse and worse. For example, they plan to use automated programs to infect millions of computers.

Smart Phones Vulnerable to Spying

We documented in 2013 that smart phones are very vulnerable to spying:

The government is spying on you through your phone … and may even remotely turn on your camera and microphone when your phone is off.

As one example, the NSA has inserted its code into Android’s operating system … bugging three-quarters of the…

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Pioneer in innocence movement earns renewed recognition — Wrongful Convictions Blog

Before author Erle Stanley Gardner and his Court of Last Resort, before Jim McCloskey and Centurion Ministries, before Barry Scheck and Peter Neufield and their Innocence Project, there was Herbert Maris, a Philadelphia corporate attorney who pioneered prisoner innocence advocacy from the 1920s to the 1950s. Maris estimated that he freed almost 300 innocent convicts during his 40-year […]

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